A veterinarian in a blue scrubs and a patient in a blue blanket share a moment of care and trust in a pet clinic setting.
Dr. Ashley Zibura consulting

Why choose the 
Veterinary Eye Center?

As the premier pet ophthalmology center in Greater Boston, our facility features state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated, specialized team. This ensures that we can provide unparalleled care to pets throughout the Boston Metro Region.

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Experienced and Highly Trained Team

Our dedicated team consists of experienced licensed veterinary technicians and support staff, all with extensive backgrounds in the veterinary field. They bring a wealth of training, passion, and dedication in order to deliver top-notch care for both you and your pet.

A person in a blue shirt with a tattoo on their arm, holding a small, fluffy dog with a brown and gray coat, sits on a gray blanket on a blue surface, possibly a bed or couch, in a cozy, intimate setting.
A small, shorthaired cat in a pink sweater with a strawberry design sits on a blue towel in a kitchen setting, with a human hand nearby and a white machine in the background.

Core Beliefs & Principles

We believe in the welfare of all of our patients and the care that they receive, and we strive to provide the best medicine possible. Your pet is our priority. Preserving their comfort and vision is our mission.

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